Introducing British Hurricane

As the Overwatch Contenders is nearly upon us we reveal our roster who will play under the name British Hurricane. 
British Hurricane Logo

With the Overwatch Contenders tournament starting next month, London Spitfire set out to obtain some of the very best up and coming talent in Europe to represent our Contenders team: British Hurricane.

We’re confident we have secured a strong line-up who will serve British Hurricane and the wider community proud in the form of Those Guys, picking up the entire roster of the side who recently won the Overwatch Pit Championship in Europe.

Paul “Redeye” Chaloner commented on behalf of the London Spitfire:

I’m very happy with our Contenders squad and the coaching and management team that have joined us in the newly formed British Hurricane! I’m also thrilled that we have been able to get three young British players in the team and continue to show that we are committed to helping the UK scene on the journey to playing in the Overwatch League.

While it was important to the Spitfire organization to have British player involvement, it was also important to be competitive, Chaloner explained:

Regardless of where they come from, British Hurricane’s success will be down to all of our new Contenders roster. It was imperative for us to be able to field a hungry and skilled line-up, and I look forward to seeing them being highly competitive.

British Hurricane will be:

For more information and to check out their other social pages, check out their team page.