London Spitfire Transfer Fissure to LA Gladiators

As Stage Two is about to commence we announce the departure of Fissure.


After a spectacular end to Stage One where we emerged victorious over the New York Excelsior in the Stage Finals, we're currently preparing for Stage Two. As one of the only two teams to start the season with 12 players, we faced the challenges of determining the ideal starting roster and how each player could fit into the overall structure for the long season ahead.

After careful consideration from both parties, we have decided to transfer Chan-Hyung "Fissure" Baek to the Los Angeles Gladiators. Fissure, who joined us from the successful Kongdoo Panthera roster has requested more playing time which is both understandable and something we could not guarantee.

Spitfire coach Bishop commented:

"Fissure is one of the smartest main tanks in the league, but we've struggled to fit him into the team in terms of synergy and while we didn't want to lose him, he is very competitive and seeks the playing time befitting a player of his caliber."

We would like to thank Fissure for his time with Spitfire and helping us achieve the Stage One championship and wish him every success with his new team, Los Angeles Gladiators!